Alternative Risk Premiums

In a persistent low interest rate environment, investors are searching for alternative sources of returns.

Investment strategies that take advantage of alternative risk premiums can mitigate the effects of the current yield environment on investments.

By going beyond the systematic market risk that is affecting all investments and taking up alternative risk, non-traditional risk premiums can be harvested.

We have extensive expertise in the field of alternative risk premiums, also known as alternative beta.

Our expertise includes research that translates into investable indexes, where we provide ongoing index calculation and support.

We have many years of experience, especially in the field of volatility risk premiums.

Our Services

  • Volatility as an asset class (VPT)
  • Commodities as an asset class (C4S/C4S SRI)
  • Other Alternative risk premiums

Your Benefits

  • You profit from many years of practical experience and extensive expertise in this specialized field
  • Transparency with regards to risk and return characteristics through investible index strategies
  • Powerful and flexible indexing platform to produce and calculate investible index strategies
  • A variety of client projects and increasing client demand make us an expert in this field