Our Company Profile

For more than 20 years risklab has developed flexible investment and risk solutions for a demanding clientele of professional investors.

Team Approach

We put great emphasis on the importance of a comfortable work environment. Team spirit is very important to us.

Financial Engineering meets investment analysis

In the ever-increasing complexity of challenges within the financial and capital markets, traditional analysis methods are fast approaching their limits.

We are pioneering a new way: Through the use of innovative methods of financial engineering in investment analysis, we can offer you a completely new insight into your portfolio and investment decisions.

Our proprietary scenario analysis approach allows us the integrated consideration and analysis of a variety of different financial instruments – from simple bonds to complex hybrid structures. Aligned with your individual investment strategy, we achieve a very realistic assessment of both the opportunities and risks of your portfolio - presently and in the future. Thinking in market cycles makes our methodology transparent and easy to understand.

Academia meets practice

Our advice is based on sound science. We rely on a team of highly qualified staff with an outstanding academic and practical track record.

With numerous publications in distinguished journals and teaching at prestigious universities, our experts have achieved international notoriety.

Through many years of experience in a variety of consulting projects and mandates - especially in the areas of financial engineering, investment analysis/consulting and risk management – our team of experts are very familiar with a hands-on approach of financial mathematics concepts implementation. The delicate interplay between theory and practice is our strength.

Strong Partnering

In-line with our pioneering spirit, we don’t adopt the latest trends. We have the best environment to set new standards with our innovative concepts. In addition to our expertise, you also benefit from the know-how of our vast partner network of external leading specialists from academia and industry. Various national and international universities and research institutes cooperate with us and support our work.

From questions to advanced investment solutions

Good advice begins with listening well. Together with you we delve into the details, ask questions. Then we develop the right solution with you – be it in the form of investment and risk consulting or other consulting and analytics services.

The prerequisite for a successful collaboration is an ongoing dialogue. What we offer is therefore dynamic: All services are continuously evolving and adapting to new conditions.