Our Team

Open Positions

For current open positions at risklab, please visit www.allianz.com and go to the Global Job Search in the Career section. Enter "risklab" in the search field.

Team Spirit

risklab provides an exceptional environment in which each team member can contribute to the solution with his/her individual abilities. We provide our team with a productive, team spirit oriented atmosphere, where innovative and creative solutions flourish. We don’t believe in building bureaucratic hurdles. An open-door policy on all levels ensures the helpful interactions that are the very basis of our daily work.

The quality of our team is one of the main advantages we have over our competitors. That is why we are intentionally looking for the best candidates in terms of individual personality, technical know-how and practical expertise.


The profile of each team member varies depending on their specific function, but they all have one thing in common: Versatile personalities, whose individual competence, strengths and abilities are a significant driver of risklab’s success. Personalities that strive to develop in an international environment. Each project determines which different talents are required for a successful outcome. With a great sense of responsibility and dedication, they creatively and effectively set goals and stand firmly by their convictions. They always demonstrate a high degree of teamwork and client centricity. Entrepreneurial thinking and actions are prerequisites.


In order to successfully advise risklab clients, a broad and current knowledge base is indispensable. As our future team member you should have a high degree in (business) mathematics, (business) informatics, financial engineering, asset management, business science or a related field from a renowned university. Also, an in-depth knowledge in the fields of stochastic, statistics, numerical analysis, optimization and financial mathematics is imperative. Additionally, a comprehensive knowledge and interest in financial and capital markets is essential. Ideally you have already gained practical experience in investment banking, asset management or investment consulting. Your expertise and industry knowledge are complemented by your confident presentation and negotiation skills.

Career Opportunities


We invite outstanding students to apply for an internship or work-study program with us. For open internships and student opportunities please visit www.allianz.com and go to the Global Job Search in the Career section. Enter "risklab" in the search field.

An internship typically takes 2-6 months to complete. During this time, a specific task is assigned within a larger project. This can be either a project based on pure research or for a current client.

Programming experience in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, R, and Matlab is desirable. Strong skills in Excel, PowerPoint and Word are expected.

After completing an internship, you receive comprehensive feedback. Successful internships and work-study programs may lead to an offer for a permanent position at risklab.


We are looking for graduates who have proven their deep understanding of theory with an exceptional degree and want to apply this knowledge in practice.

Ideally you have already gained experience through relevant internships and studying abroad.

At the analyst entry level, you work from the very beginning to implement client projects and mandates. Together with an experienced project team, you will play a major role in the development of concepts and solutions. From day one, you will be fully integrated into the team.

Investment Professionals

As an investment professional, you will reflect on many years experience in asset management, investment banking or investment consulting. You bring expertise in project management and the management of project teams. You watch the markets closely to detect trends and issues that could lead to new products.