risklab GmbH
Seidlstrasse 24-24a
D-80335 München

E-Mail: info@risklab.com

Headquarters: München

Commercial Register: HRB 151258

VAT Identification Number: DE 230 465 676

District Court: Munich

Supervisory Authority: German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Bafin)

Supervisory Authority
Bonn Office:
Graurheindorfer Straße 108
53117 Bonn

Frankfurt am Main Office:
Lurgiallee 12
60439 Frankfurt am Main
Internet: http://www.bafin.de/

The company has a financial service license for investment advice (Anlageberatung) according to the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz (KWG)).

Board Members: Raluca Jochmann, Jordy Peek, Dr. Gerhard Scheuenstuhl, Dr. Kai Wallbaum


Compensation Policy 2019 (German version only)


risklab has no legal connection to RMS® or RISKLINK®


Privacy Policy

Respecting the privacy of our clients and partners is a key principle for us. This applies also to the treatment of your personal data and from your visit to our internet sites.


The right of informational self-determination is derived directly from the general personal right. The protection of this right is covered by - among others - the German Federal Data Protection Act or the German Teleservices Data Protection Act. Our internet site is designed in accordance with the German Data Protection rules. We are confident that as an internet user, you want to be assured of your privacy.

  • You can surf on the risklab web site anonymously.
  • If we want to collect, process and use personal data from your visit on these sites we will disclose this to you.
  • If we want to collect information about you, you control which personal data we receive and how we use it.
  • We respect your privacy rights, especially your right concerning stored data.
  • Our team maintains strict confidentiality.
  • Our security measures are state-of-the-art.

Open Access and closed User Groups

As an internet user, you have free access to all risklab public websites.

Your self-protection capabilities

It is completely up to you which information you choose to share with us during your visit.


You can remain anonymous in all risklab public websites.


When you request a personal offer, you enter this data voluntarily.

Your Privacy Rights

Through the German Federal Privacy Act you have a right:

  • to obtain information about the data that you have stored by us and be informed about its use, free of charge
  • to correct, block or delete this data
  • according to the German Teleservices Data Protection Act, you also have the right to withdraw the consent for the collection, processing and usage of Internet data at any time without notice, for any reason
  • to view any of your stored personal or pseudonym Internet data, at any time

Collection, processing and use of data

You will be informed if we want to collect, process or use personal information from your visit. You are in control what personal information we receive, process or use.

To improve our website and service, we may collect statistical information – for example, the number of visitors to each individual website. The information collected is which kind of device and browser, internet service provider, access date and time as well as calculation data. This information is only used for internal purposes and has no personal reference.

We delete all stored data, via an automatic procedure, when the statutory or contractual retention period has expired or when the data is no longer needed.

Each time a data file is downloaded, a record is generated and stored. Each record consists of

  • The page from where the file was requested
  • The name of the file
  • The date and time of the request
  • The amount of data transferred
  • The access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
  • The type of browser used

The creation of user profiles is excluded. The stored data is used solely for statistical purposes. We will not disclose this information, even in part, to third parties.

We correct and complete stored data as soon as we become aware of a change. If necessary, we inform the data recipient thereof. As a member of a closed user group, you have direct control over the quality of your personal data.

We do not sell or rent any personal data to persons or organizations outside of risklab, including user groups or e-mail lists. We strictly adhere to the German Data Protection Act and German Competition Law.


Stringent and constantly monitored safety procedures ensure the protection of your personal data.

Dealing with e-mails

We use the e-mail address you provided to respond to you via e-mail with the requested information. Before you send us an unencrypted e-mail via your ISP, please bear in mind that content on the internet is not necessarily protected from unauthorized access or falsification.

Security at risklab

The risklab data processing network is protected from the outside by a state-of-the-art firewall system.

Confidentiality Obligations

Employees of risklab have to adhere to

  • banking secrecy
  • data secrecy
  • the secrecy of telecommunications (privacy of correspondence, posts and telecommunications)
  • trade secrecy
  • privacy
  • social secrecy
  • and where appropriate, insurance confidentiality

Terms of Use

risklab has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained within this site is accurate. Special attention is given to providing accurate and current information. However, errors can occur. We would also like to note that the information is given in a general form and not specific to the requirements of individual cases. No representation or warranty expressed or implied, is made as to the risklab site’s accuracy, reliability or completeness. This also applies to information accessed through external links on risklab websites.

The following conditions also apply to the use of risklab websites:


The content and structure of our website is protected by applicable copyright law with all rights reserved. In particular, any information or data found on risklab web pages (text, images, graphics, sound, video or animation files) may not be used without prior written consent of risklab GmbH in any form, or part.

Brands and Logos

The trademarks and logos used on the risklab websites are protected. It is not permitted to use these brands or logos without prior written consent of risklab GmbH.

Posting of links to risklab websites

A link to the risklab website may only be set by using the homepage address of www.risklab.com and www.risklab.de (no deeplinks) and when no rights of risklab GmbH are violated, such as the copyright, service or trademark rights in particular.