The Decumulation Opportunity

Analysis of today´s Retirement Income Challenges and Development of Holistic Solutions

Wallbaum, K. (2017)

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Long-term Pension Investment Strategies under Risk-based Regulation

OECD Project on Long-Term Investments by Institutional Investors

Scheuenstuhl, G./Schmitt, C. (2014)

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Bridging the gap: What needs to be done to create a viable longevity market?

in Project M, Special Edition on Longevity Risk

Brunner, B./Krayzler, M. (2014)

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Liability Driven Investment Strategies – For Prudent Pension Investing in Turbulent Capital Markets

Asset Management: Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Rer. Nat. Dr. H.c. Rer. Pol. Klaus Spremann Zur Emeritierung

Scheuenstuhl, G. (2012)

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Longevity Risk with Pension Systems. (A Background Paper to the OECD Policy Report)

Working Paper, Januar 2012

Scheuenstuhl, G./Blome, S./Brunner, B./Börger, M./Krayzler, M./A (2012)

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Caveat Venditor: The brave new world of auto-enrolment should be governed by the principle of seller not buyer beware

The Pensions Institute, Cass Business School

Harrison, D./Blake, D./ Dowd, K. (contributions by risklab) (2012)

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Volatilität zur Risikodiversifikation: Eine alternative Anlageklasse bewährt sich

in Update II/2012, Allianz Global Investors´ Magazine for Institutional Clients, p.18-23

Brunner, B. (2012)

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Assessing the Nature of Investment Guarantees in Defined Contribution Pension Plans”

A Background Paper to the OECD Policy Report DAF/AS/PEN/WD (2010)/12: „The Role of Guarantees in Defined Contribution Pensions”

Scheuenstuhl, G./Blome, S./Karim, D./Moch, M./Brandt, S. (2011)

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Illusion of Precision in target-date funds

Working Paper

Pietranico, P./Sexauer, S./Siegel, L. (2011)

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The pensions risk challenge

in Investment & Pensions Europe (Oktober 2010)

Hörter, S./Scheuenstuhl, G. (2010)

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Assessing Investment Strategies for Defined Contribution Pension Plans under various Payout Options

A Background Paper to the OECD Policy Report

Scheuenstuhl, G./Blome, S./Mader, W./Karim, D./Friederich, T. (2010)

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Risk ranks top of sponsors' agendas

in Pensions Week (07.09.09)

Hörter, S. (2009)

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How to deal with longevity risk: A capital market perspective

Allianz Global Investors Asia-Pacific Pensions 2007, pp. 27 - 30

Hafner, R./Mader, W. (2007)

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Life Cycle Asset Allocation - A suitable approach for Defined Contribution Pension Plans

Central and Eastern European Pensions 2007, Allianz Global Investors

Fachinger, K./Mader, W. (2007)

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Aligning contrary goals

Global Pensions, November 2006 -

Hafner, R./Scheuenstuhl, G. (2006)

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Anlagepolitik an Verbindlichkeiten ausrichten

Finanz und Wirtschaft, 30.09.2006 -

Hafner, R./Scheuenstuhl, G. (2006)

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The Need for a Dynamic Approach to Liability Driven Investing (LDI)

OECD, Pension Markets in Focus, issue 3 (October 2006), Financial Affairs Division, p. 16

Hafner, R./Mader, W. (2006)

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